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Our Service

Our Product and Services

  • Digital Security Services
    • Network and Systems Security

Our product ranges from end to end of the network, complementing current installments of network security and network management solutions, even offering feature upgrade replacements

  • Software and Application Security

We provide application assessment services for security defects while also offering security appliances tailored to the common needs of application security

  • Security and Risk Assessment

Systems and Network implementations are big budgeted high risk investments, sometimes done without maximizing the value of investment and even done poorly


  • Business Intelligence Services
    • Data Integration

Our technology offers an industry-leading platform that fully unifies data quality and data integration, enabling integrated data that is high-quality, accurate and reliable. With our solutions, users can analyze the integrity of the data within any application and integrate data from across a heterogeneous environment.

  • Data Warehousing

We are pleased to work with companies to provide customized enterprise data warehousing solutions to optimize data for end user query, reporting and analysis.

  • Enterprise OLAP

Our data analytics technology, which features advanced Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), allows companies to examine operational and customer data through intuitive dashboards

  • Digital Visualization Services
    • Digital Photography and Video Production

We turn strategic goals in your company into scripting, storyboarding, narrative and finally motion capture graphics for your intended target audience.

  • 3D and Animation Development

Our Development Studio offers a range of services starting from Creative Consulting to state-of-the-art CG and Animation delivered to a variety of media

  • Brand Identity Visualization

We help you in visualizing your Brand name, style, logo and other visual elements as an element of your core business, making it the way your customers and clients perceive it the way you wanted


  • Systems Development Services
    • Multi Factor Authentication Integration

We offer simple integration of OTP (one time password) solution, supervising the needed change in the corporate portal/website or even hands-on changes of certain applications

  • Web Application Development

Our Web Application Development team had more than 10 years of experiences in delivering web based solutions, tailored to the need of the customer and in multiple platforms

  • Mobile Application Development

Currently we deliver mobile based security solutions for corporate as a product, but in the coming years we will also be providing tailored mobile-based solutions