PT Digital Jagad Nusantara

PT DJN your information technology partner, striving to provide you with the best services in the realms of Digital Certificate, Digital Security, Business Intelligence, Digital Visualization System and collaboration with local company certificate service provider since 2021

Company Strategy



Provide excellent service and work optimally



To be a company engaged in security technology that is trusted and resilient


Mission Statement

Play a role in improving the quality of security digital services


Core Values

Comprehensive support for IT projects deserved

Our Product and Services

We provide such services

Digital Security Services

  • Network and Systems Security
  • Software and Application Security
  • Security and Risk Assessment

Business Intelligence Services

  • Data Integration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise OLAP

Pentest & SoC

  • Pentest & Regulatory Compliance
  • Identification
  • Protecting Data
  • Path detection of attacks

Public Key Infrastructure

  • Production Services PKI
  • Webserver PKI
  • End Device PKI

Internal Revenue Service

General Business Activities

  • PT Digital Jagad Nusantara (DJN) was established in 2021, and since then have been a leader in the field of Internet Trust Provider in Indonesia.
  • PT Digital Jagad Nusantara has been building strong and close relationship with Principle CA as the appointed Authorized Channel Partner and Sole Reseller to provide internet security socket layer solutions and services based on Digital Certificate in Indonesia.
  • During the years, our product portfolio expanded to the realm of Security and Availability. As Symantec Registered Partner, we now offer a host of solutions for your business needs, ranging from threat protection to enterprise class business interactions, information and IT Infrastructure protection to IT risk management and IT performance maximization.
  • Our expansion included the offering of services in Data Management and Business Intelligence, where we encountered a growing demand of assistance in data integration, information-visualization and near-real-time analysis.
  • True to our nature, we delved even deeper to the realm of security. The partnership with DP Technology, an emerging global leader of network security and application delivery solutions gave us leverage beyond what we previously were able to offer.
  • To enrich our services, we also delved in a totally new realm. Digital Photography, Video Production, 3D and Animation and Brand Identity Visualization joined our portfolio as part of our commitment to you.
  • We are ready to partner and service your company in Digital Security, Business Intelligence, Digital Visualization and Systems Development.

The most-trusted global provider of high-assurance TLS/SSL, PKI, IoT and signing solutions. 


To be your Information Technology Partner


To provide customers and clients with quality product and services in the realms of Digital Security, Business Intelligence, Digital Visualization and Systems Development

Mission Statement

To build long term relationships with customers and clients and become part of the building block that made customers and clients the leader in their respective industries

Core Values

  • We grow together with our customers and clients
  • We strived to keep up with the latest technology and offered them to our customer and clients
  • We held on to honesty, integrity and business ethics in all our interactions and business dealings

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